Over the course of a year Debra helped a client hone the message, look, and process of presenting his growing business. Through meetings, research, detailed follow-up memos, and graphic reports she and her client developed packaging, invitations, a newsletter, posters, and website.

Creativity, clear thinking, research and common sense can lead the way through what seems like a mystifying, ever-changing labyrinth of what it takes to clearly communicate. Relying on her long view of the field, coupled with an up-to-date understanding, Debra lends expertise to individuals, organizations and businesses about matters such as:

  • Branding (development, revision, rollout, safeguarding)
  • Website development and revision
  • Print production
  • Repurposing visual resources
  • Cataloging resources
  • Vendors (locating, optimizing)
  • Production schedules and processes
  • Budgeting for communications projects